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It's more important to do right than to be right

I'm here to help you with just that


In a world of informational oversaturation, editorializing becomes key. I take some of the most complex issues affecting our everyday lives & businesses and arrange them into interactable, simple and bite-sized problems. These problems are then packaged, solved and presented. That's what I do. I solve things, trust me - I'm an engineer.

Feminisim, masculinity & the way forward

Why men that aren't feminists aren't real men, and more.

Diversity & Inclusion, and how we decide where society is going

Why life is a fundamentally different experience depending on how close to a 7-11 you're born

The world is ending, let's actually do something about it

Why cognitive dissonance is keeping us from preventing environmental armageddon




Truth, clarity and direction - these are at the core of my work process. I wade through miles of research papers to offer clear-cut truth, free from journalistic opinion or other additives. Pure information, purely delivered, like those juice commercials.

That's what I offer - clarity in a bottle.

Complex ideas made bite-sized

The main problem with understanding any larger issue today is that they're just too damn big and complex. That's where I come in.

It's all about the action

Nothing's worth our time if it won't push us forward. That's my mantra, and my promise to you. Concrete actions delivered - always.

Analysis & design

With a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, a network of experts in innovation, statistics & gender studies and with an unrelenting hunger for truth, I got it covered.

100% peer-reviewed research only

No bullshit, no bias, no unsourced claims. I simply package and present information, for your convenience and the betterment of humankind.


I've worked with some of Sweden's largest industrial companies, presented to non-profits, female networks, unions and many others throughout the country, and offer all presentations in both Swedish and English. Whether it be a networking lunch, a meetup or scheduled workshop I'm down. Drop me a message when you're free. I tend to be flexible.

It's first when we know everything, that we're free to do anything. So let's not get stuck in our own lack of knowledge. 

Let me assist you in figuring shit out

Alex Warris offers presentations on a variety of complex, misunderstood or over-hyped issues and proposes solutions.

So welcome, to Warris' Solutions.

Let's talk about the future

Email: alex@warris.se

Phone: (+46) 70 758 24 55